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Electric bike battery 12V 14Ah PK-Bike
Electric bike battery 12V 14Ah PK-Bike

Electric bike battery 12V 14Ah PK-Bike

High quality battery
Replaces 6-DZM-10, 6-DZM-12, 6-DZM-14 batteries
Szállítási idő
1-3 munkanap
Utánvételes kiszállítás bruttó költsége
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Premium electric bicycle battery 12V 14Ah PK Bike!

One of the best electric bike batteries

1 year warranty and flexible warranty administration

Replaces 12V 10Ah, 12Ah, 14Ah batteries

Standard size

We are pleased to present one of the best electric bicycle batteries based on our tests: The PK Bike (Power King) battery.

What kind of electric bike is this battery good for?
Whether it’s an Alfa Centaury, Lofty, Polymobil, ZTech, Tornado, Arizona or Volta electric bike, this battery fits perfectly in the battery box of your bike.

How to replace electric bicycle batteries?

It is important to note that it is recommended to have the batteries replaced by a professional, as we can easily do more harm than good.

Once the technician has installed the batteries, take them home and then begin a full charge of the battery life cycle.

How to charge the electric bike battery?
As I just mentioned, we always start with a full charge. Then it is important to follow a golden rule: Fully charge the batteries after each use!

Repeat after me: When I get home from work today with my electric bike, I will charge it.
This can extend the life of your battery by years. This is necessary because when the battery rests in a submerged state, so-called sulfation begins. The higher this sulfation, the fewer miles we can do with bike batteries.

Where to order an electric bicycle battery?
It is recommended to order an electric bike battery from a place where we leave our money there with a calm heart. Call them in advance or write an email to make sure they know professionally. It should not be bought only on the basis of price, as the juice of cheap meat is diluted. We’d rather sacrifice a few thousand more to replace the 3-4 batteries, as we’ll do much better in the long run.

I sincerely recommend ourselves - VLM Kereskedés Kft, the distributor of Tornado and Volta electric bicycles - and our webshop, where you can buy the most suitable battery for you.

Thank you for reading our description so far.

Tip: You can also buy batteries in packages so you can get the batteries at an even better price.

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12V 14Ah
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