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Tornado TRD101 Electric bike

VSX will surely fulfill your needs with its lithium and gel battery options!
Also the protection bar, disc brake and luggage bag options diversify the product, shedding light on different tastes. Although it is a pedal assisted electric bike, its powerful engine and high range will not make you feel it. It is a favorite of its class because it is strong, stylish and appealing to everyone.

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With a removable battery pack, you can charge it on the car or at home. Those who live in the apartment will love it



Steel rim

Shock-resistant steel rims have been produced for many years to offer you trouble-free service.




Led headlamp

With high quality halogen headlights and LED daytime running light, you will both consume less and notice




Thanks to the pedals, you will do sports and extend your range. On the one hand, your batteries will charge when you are driving.






Hatótávolság76 km *
Maximális sebesség25 Km / h **
Hegymászó képesség14%
Súly76 Kg
battery-kapacitás48V 12Ah
Méretek1790/630/1120 mm
elemtípusVRLA Jel
Töltési idő6 - 8 pillanat
Töltési teljesítmény48V / 3Ah
Gumiabroncs méret16-2.50 Elöl / hátul
Akkumulátor típusa
48V 20Ah
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