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VT5 Electric Tricycle Cargo
VT5 Electric Tricycle Cargo
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VT5 Electric Tricycle Cargo

VT5 Electric Tricycle Cargo
VT5 Electric Tricycle Cargo
VT5 Electric Tricycle Cargo Transporter is one of the strongest and high quality model.
It is a vehicle you will want to have in every business branch with its forward and reverse maneuverability, powerful electric motor and carrying capacity up to 500kg. With the folding seat behind it, the passenger capacity increases up to four people which will provide convenience for you.
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High carrying capacity

With a capacity of up to 500 kilograms and a damper, the passenger's capacity of up to four passengers is taken from your shoulders.

Powerful lighting and stylish design

Comfortable driving pleasure with high lumen lighting. Optional enclosed cabin protects you from bad weather conditions

Safe braking system

Special design strong brake system stops at short distance. With the parking brake feature, you can park safely on the steepest slopes.

High torque motor, perfect transmission

Powerful engine and mechanical gear transmission system will give you the most steepest slopes.

Maximum Motor Power 7000 W
Nominal Motor Power 2500 W
Range 60 Km *
Maximum Speed 35 Km / h
Climbing Capacity %27
Weight 315 Kg
Battery 72 V 60 A
Size 2960 / 1130 / 1340
Battery Type VRLA Gel
Charging Time 6 - 8 Hour
Charge Outputs 72V 6A
Brake Campana Rear / Disc Front
Tire Size 110/90-12 Tubeless Front / rear
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